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I am trying to run hortonworks 2.6.1 sandbox in vmware and get the following error.How to rectify it?

New Contributor

I am using vmware 12 player and I also downloaded hortonworks 2.6.1 sandbox and when I click on centsos server it shows the following error as given in the screenshot

Host SMBUS not enabled

intel_rapl:no valid rapl domain found in package 0



New Contributor

And I am having windows 8.1 and 8GB RAM as my configurations with i3 processor


Hi @nisha vittal

this appears to be a vmware issue with the cpu. Could you try using VirtualBox instead of vmware? Unfortunately that will require downloading the virtualbox sandbox, but could be worth the download time if it gets you up and running faster. We typically see less issues with the sandbox on virtualbox.

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