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I am using EC2 , RDS and S3 .can anyone tell me when i run a HIVE query what exactly happens with EC2 ,RDS and S3?

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Thanks, i read it.

But what i want to know is

let's assume i have a managed and external table in s3, i am using RDS for storing my metadata , i have a EC2 instance and i am running a query

my questions are:

1 .The EC2 instance will have a master node and some core nodes say 3 core nodes.The master node should have the meta data right?.so how it will get the metadata from RDS and what will happen to the changes that i made in metadat if i lost the cluster?

2. The data is stored in s3 , so if i am working with managed table the data should be on any one of the core node right? then based on what parameter master node will decide which core node to assign the task

3.Above question for external table

Maybe @stevel and @Rajesh Balamohan can help here.