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I am wiling to transfer my excel and Csv files from Shared location of windows to Hadoop Edge node.Can anyone help me with the solution and approach??


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@Meeta Rathore

One options can be, If you have Ambari Managed Cluster then use the "File View" to upload those files to HDFS and then get it to your Edge Node.

# hdfs dfs -get hdfs://  localfile


- Else use some tools like "WinSCP" to post the files from Windows to Edge Node machine.

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If i'm understanding correctly, you simply want a way to transfer from you shared folder to another linux file system on the edge node and NOT to hdfs. There are a few ways to do it.

1. Use winscp like @Jay SenSharma mentioned

2. Create an nfs share on the edge node so you could simply use your regular winodws folder to drag and drop

3. Create an ftp(s) service on the edge node so you could use ftp to transfer the file

4. Use a program like filezilla to do the transfer for you.

And these are just some of the options.

You may also be interested in how to upload from your workstation to, eventually hdfs.

1. After uploading to edge node and if you have the hdfs client, simply use hdfs commands as @Jay SenSharma has mentioned

2. Use an NFS gateway. This way, the hadoop file system can be displayed as a regular folder in your windows machine.. pretty cool actually.

3. Use ambari files view to upload files in your shared folder directly to hdfs

4. Use 3rd party tools to move the files for you. BI tools have hooks that can you webhdfs api to upload the files for you directly to hdfs.