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I can open localhost:50070 successfully, but I cannot see anything on overview subpage.

New Contributor

when I input:

in command line, I can open localhost:50070 successfully.

However, if I click on the overview tab, nothing is shown on overview subpage.


But other subpages work well, like datanode subpage:


localhost:8088 also looks well:



I don't know whether this case is normal or there's something wrong with my overview page.




It looks there is some loading issue.


Try reloading the page and multiple restart can also be the best option to correctly load the page with all options available to view.

New Contributor

hi! thanks for answering my problem.

I still have no idea on overview subpage after stopping hdfs and reformatting nameode for serveral times.

Hadoop namenode -format


http:// localhost:50070/dfshealth.html#tab-overview still shows nothing.

and my jps looks normal:


I also tried the wordcount example, the job goes well. I even reboot but it doesn't help.

Cloudera Employee

What is the current HDP, CDH, or CDP version of this cluster? Is this issue present on every browser? Did it work as expected before?