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I get this error when I run a command line ambari-server setup

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/sbin/", line 35, in from ambari_commons.os_utils import remove_file File "/usr/lib/ambari-server/lib/ambari_commons/", line 39, in from ambari_commons.os_linux import os_change_owner, os_getpass, os_is_root, os_run_os_command, \ File "/usr/lib/ambari-server/lib/ambari_commons/", line 25, in from ambari_commons import subprocess32 File "/usr/lib/ambari-server/lib/ambari_commons/", line 146, in

import importlib ImportError: No module named importlib



@Simon Waligo What version of Python you are using (i.e Default Python version for the OS set to?)

As of Ambaro 2.7.1, Python 2.7 is supported, ref:

Also If you are on 2.7, you can try below command to see if it helps?

pip install importlib
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