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I need steps to configure Master Master HBase replication, how can we implement kerberos also, so that replicated blocks goes encrpted over WAN, Also how can we measure replication lag/health

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Kerberos is an authentication protocol, not a system for wire-encrypting data. You set the quality of protection on SASL to privacy to enable wire encryption (which requires Kerberos to be enabled):

JMX metrics that HBase exports include replication latency. Additionally, the HBase shell "status, 'replication'" command.

A "Master Master" replication scenario is not unique from a "Master Slave" replication scenario. Follow the standard procedures to configure one cluster to replicate to another, and then vice versa:

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JMX metrics that HBase exports include replication latency

@Josh Elser , I was not able to find this exact metric. Do you have a link or something how to find this metric ?