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Impala JDBC session closed after 1 minute



Using JDBC41 with SQuirrelSQL. idle query and session time outs are both 0.




The only way I could successfully override queue wait timeout was through "Impala Command Line Argument Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve)"


impalad log:


I0606 05:29:50.303781 16258] Coordinator waiting for fragment instances to finish, 1 remaining
I0606 05:29:50.304183 16457] Fragment instance completed:  id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000 host=[IP]:22000 remaining=0
I0606 05:29:50.304210 16258] All fragment instances finished successfully.
I0606 05:29:50.304275 16544] PlanFragment completed. instance_id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000
I0606 05:29:50.505412 16258] CloseOperation(): query_id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000
I0606 05:29:50.505429 16258] UnregisterQuery(): query_id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000
I0606 05:29:50.505434 16258] Cancel(): query_id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000
I0606 05:29:50.505439 16258] Cancel() query_id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000
I0606 05:29:50.505450 16258] CancelFragmentInstances() query_id=b94622231741ddac:7c95396f00000000, tried to cancel 0 fragment instances
I0606 05:30:50.113565 16258] Connection from client [IP]:[PORT] closed, closing 2 associated session(s)
I0606 05:30:50.122779 16258] Session closed


Why would the session close after only 1 minute idle and how can this be resolved?





We are facing the same issue, our queries running for more than 1 minute through JDBC connection are failing with query state as session closed and error on the application as "ThriftTransportException" or "SQLException Cant retrieve next row"

Did you figure out the fix for this ?


It would be great if you can throw some light on this?



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