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Impala New Release Update FAQ

New Contributor

Hi Team,




We are using Impala(Version 2.12.0) for running our queries and are keen to know when you are going to launch the upgrade which will overcome problem of count(distinct) for different fields at same level of aggregation.


Please reply asap.In case of any doubts please reach out to me 



Sanchay Garg


Super Collaborator

@ImpalaUpgrades Are you using 



adding this prior to the query run should solve this. 

New Contributor
Hi ,

This is giving me the same results as ndv() and not count(distinct)

Please guide us on the same.

I can't techically give you a release commitment, but it looks like it should be in CDH 6.1 at this point given that it was merged into Apache Impala in advance of the Apache Impala 3.1.0 release (see and has gone through most of our internal testing process since then.