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Impala Queries Failing after Running long.

Support team, Ther are couple of Impala queries running daily as part of a JenKins Job and are failing occassionally,with following errors.


here are the series of events in relevance.


I put a property on the Impala Side service earlier on the cloudera Manager to cover RPC Error ETIMEDOUT

But i still receive this error., below is the context to showcase the query.


Impala queries are Join intensive with multiple table joins.

I try to increase the Memory parameters, to make run for eg : from 35 gb to 50 GB. i am trying to find  if there are any advance look out options from Cloudera Perspective to nail down,the root cause, if it is beyond memory parameters.


Rising Star

We understand your query is failing with RPCTIMEOUT. It could be many reason which can cause timeout.

1. Could you able to check at which point query starts to fail (From Impala daemon log using query profile id)
2. Share the Query profile.

Impala will create a optimised query plan only when it is completely aware about the table stats. Please make sure you have ran "compute stats db.tablename" on all the tables used in that query.

Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions