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Impala queries error



I am trying to run various impala queries in HUE but every time I got this error message:






SQL Error [500312] [HY000]: [Cloudera][ImpalaJDBCDriver](500312)
Error in fetching data rows: Disk I/O error on wn01:
Failed to open HDFS file    <file's name > ¶Error(255):
Unknown error 255¶Root cause: Asn1Exception: Identifier doesn't match expected value (906)¶;







I run invalidate metadata on the table but this error continues. 
Queries are ok, because last week they ran well.


Thanks in advance


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The error indicates an issue with Kerberos. If things ran fine last week, perhaps your Kerberos ticket expired and needs to be renewed. 

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Could you please connect to impala-shell and submit the same query just to bee confirmed that the error is not from impala.