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Impala query getting EOFException: Cannot seek to negative offset


Hi, When running a query on one of our tables I'm getting this error: Disk I/O error: Error seeking to -2147483648 in file: hdfs://Cluster/path/table_name/partition_name=KS5021/part-m-00003.snappy: Error(255): Unknown error 255 Root cause: EOFException: Cannot seek to negative offset. Also in the impalad log, I getting this error in the log: tcmalloc: large alloc 3428466688 bytes == 0x110fa000 @ 0x2210458 0xb5e878 0x10586c1 0x10583b4 0xe0633c 0xe064a7 0xe0366b 0xe04d8c 0xe06b52 0xde3954 0xdd45e5 0xdd5ef2 0xd5fdaf 0xd605aa 0x12d7dba The table is text table and this file size is about 3G. What is the problem? Thanks


I think you're probably running into this issue: It would help to provide "SHOW FILES" output for the table and to provide the Impala version that you're running (i.e. output of "select version()")


Hi @Tim Armstrong ,

This is the output of SHOW FILES on the specific partition the query failed on (it failed on)

hdfs://HadoopCluster/user/database/table_name/partition_value=KS5021/part-m-00000.snappy 2.74GB partition_value=KS5021
hdfs://HadoopCluster/user/database/table_name/partition_value=KS5021/part-m-00001.snappy 3.20GB partition_value=KS5021
hdfs://HadoopCluster/user/database/table_name/partition_value=KS5021/part-m-00002.snappy 3.55GB partition_value=KS5021
hdfs://HadoopCluster/user/database/table_name/partition_value=KS5021/part-m-00003.snappy 3.19GB partition_value=KS5021


This is the version:

impalad version 2.12.0-cdh5.15.1 RELEASE (build 64f4e19bf59fab8664ebff7e80fc70570dcd8cb8) Built on Thu Aug  9 09:21:02 PDT 2018