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Impala query over odbc canceled (don't know the reason)

New Contributor

Hi Team,


I am facing a weird issue, I am connecting to impala from pypyodbc library and not able to execute the insert queries. The moment I execute the "cursor.execute("insert into ........")" it executes successfully with no error/exception but when I checked in coordinator the query is getting cancelled with no reason,



Python = 3.7.3

pypyodbc = 1.3.4

impala = 3.2.0-cdh6.3.3



I0930 01:35:20.687757 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] starting execution on 1 backends for query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.688199 105383] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] ExecQueryFInstances(): query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 #instances=1
I0930 01:35:20.688211 549896] CloseOperation(): query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.688225 549896] UnregisterQuery(): query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.688230 549896] Cancel(): query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.688603 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] started execution on 1 backends for query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.688632 552512] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Executing instance. instance_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 fragment_idx=0 per_fragment_instance_idx=0 coord_state_idx=0 #in-flight=1
I0930 01:35:20.689502 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Cancelled right after starting the coordinator query id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.689520 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] ExecState: query id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 execution cancelled
I0930 01:35:20.689545 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Sending CancelQueryFInstances rpc for query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 backend=
I0930 01:35:20.689965 98671] CancelQueryFInstances(): query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.689976 98671] QueryState: query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 refcnt=4
I0930 01:35:20.689981 98671] Cancel: query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.689988 98671] cancelling all streams for fragment_instance_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.690135 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] CancelBackends() query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000, tried to cancel 1 backends
I0930 01:35:20.690142 552509] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Release admission control resources for query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.847793 552512] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Instance completed. instance_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 #in-flight=0 status=OK
I0930 01:35:20.847918 552511] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] UpdateBackendExecState(): last report for 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.848443 98671] ReportExecStatus(): Received report for unknown query ID (probably closed or cancelled): 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 remote host=some_ip:port
I0930 01:35:20.848542 552511] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Cancelling fragment instances as directed by the coordinator. Returned status: ReportExecStatus(): Received report for unknown query ID (probably closed or cancelled): 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 remote host=some_ip:port
I0930 01:35:20.848554 552511] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] Cancel: query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000
I0930 01:35:20.848667 552511] 3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000] ReleaseQueryState(): deleted query_id=3f46242d529596a8:c9dd8a3500000000 


The client (i.e. the ODBC driver being used by your pyodbc program) is closing the insert operation before it finishes. I.e. it's starting the insert query, then closing the insert query before it's finished.


I don't know pyodbc well, but I wonder if it's something to do with how it's being used here. The examples I see either commit or fetch rows after execute().


I'd suggest trying either of those things (calling commit() or fetching from the cursor) to see if it forces your program to wait for the insert to succeed..

New Contributor

Tried executing commit() or setting the timeout but no effect:


import pypyodbc

connection = pypyodbc.connect(DSN="", Schema="dbname", autocommit=True)

cursor = connection.cursor()


query = """INSERT INTO schema.table VALUES ('val1', 'val2')"""