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Impala-shell in oozie doesn't work

New Contributor

Hello, trying to execute simple shell oozie action


echo "start"

impala-shell -q"invalidate metadata" query using ooze

echo "end"


In logs I see "start" "end" - but nothing related to impala-shell.

Query was not executed either. On edge node query works perfectly.

Wtf could somebody explain please, as previously I used self made impala launcher which worked perfectly - not like this oozie.


Super Collaborator

Hi ,


Can you provide the complete oozie workflow.xml and the script you are using to run this job.


1. you can collect the oozie logs for this particular workflow using below command: ( Replace the workflow id )

oozie job -oozie http://<oozie-server-host>:11000 -log <workflow-id>


2. Oozie job status using below command:

oozie job -oozie http://<oozie-server-host>:11000 -info <workflow-id>



Chethan YM



Expert Contributor



Please find the sample impala oozie action and check if it helps.


1 Create a file 


export PYTHON_EGG_CACHE=/tmp/impala_eggs

impalacmd="impala-shell -k -s impala --quiet"

${impalacmd} --query="show databases;" > /tmp/impala_databases


2 Create the workflow for the shell action

<workflow-app name="Impala_redirect" xmlns="uri



  <start to="shell-11a3"/>

  <kill name="Kill">

    <message>Action failed, error message[${wf:errorMessage(wf:lastErrorNode())}]</message>


  <action name="shell-11a3">

    <shell xmlns="uri










    <ok to="End"/>

    <error to="Kill"/>


  <end name="End"/>



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