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Impala shell with Kerberos


Impala shell with Kerberos




I tried to launch a script bash (from shell or from a shell action of oozie) with the impala-shell command.


This is the body of my script:


impala-shell -k -s impala/_HOST@CLOUDERA_REALM -q 'show tables;'


but i cannot specify the path of a valid keytab. How can I do this ?

I checked the documentation and it is possible to configure these two parameters:



 but how can I specify dynamically the keytab_file ? is it possible to use the HADOOP_TOKEN_FILE_LOCATION variable used also for Hive-shell o mapred job ?




Re: Impala shell with Kerberos

Expert Contributor

What are you trying to achieve?Can you be little elaborate on it?


The keytab file need not be given path for because is it internally taken care of.

Re: Impala shell with Kerberos


Hi Alessio,


I was able to use -ldap and connect to my Kerberized Impala cluster:


impala-shell -i SERVERNAME.DOMAIN.COM:21000 -ldap


You may not have LDAP integration setup or Impala configured for LDAP integration.


I hope this helps.

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