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Impalad behind load balancer problem


Impalad behind load balancer problem


Hi Community.

I'm experiencing a weird issue while accessing a Kerberized Impala through HAProxy on a dedicated node

My setup is:



Client ----> HAproxy ---> Impalad


All principals, included the impala/load balancer dedicated node, are in KDC

As read on documentation I've configured the impalad safety valve with:





Impala daemon starts succesfully.

If I run an impala-shell to connect through HAproxy i receive this error:


# impala-shell --ssl -u sadm_prod  -k

default> connect edl-pr-cdhlb001.domain:21000;
Error connecting: TTransportException, TSocket read 0 bytes



Looking at impalad log files I see:



E0311 14:20:16.559967 20303] SASL message (Kerberos (external)): GSSAPI Error: Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information (No key table entry found matching impala/edl-pr-cdhlb00.domain@)



As you can see the previously configured realm is not there.


Any idea? Am I missing something?

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