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Impalad error : Sender timed out waiting for receiver fragment instance

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We run Cloudera based hadoop cluster - 5.11 (not hortonworks) and currently we added 5 new impala daemon nodes. (Impala version 2.8).   After adding new nodes, things looked fine ,but after 7-8 hours we are getting below errors when the impala co-ordinator tried to connect to the newly added nodes.  Please help resolving it as we are blocked in production


Error : Sender timed out waiting for receiver fragment instance

Detailed error :

I0506 20:16:55.660058 72446] CancelFragmentInstances() query_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000000, tried to cancel 35 fragment instances

I0506 20:16:55.663775 72446] Query id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000000 failed because fragment id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000006 on failed.

I0506 20:16:55.664430 72093] All fragment instances finished due to one or more errors.


Sender timed out waiting for receiver fragment instance: d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac77680000001b

I0506 20:16:55.664465 72093] Finalizing query: d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000000

I0506 20:16:55.664490 72093] Removing staging directory: hdfs://USEast/user/hive/warehouse/qualitydb/Parquet/meta_parsed_exchanges/_impala_insert_staging/d6447c0a5ed591c4_47ac776800000000/

I0506 20:16:55.666432 72030] DeregisterRecvr(): fragment_instance_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000015, node=1

I0506 20:16:55.666458 72029] DeregisterRecvr(): fragment_instance_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac77680000001b, node=1

I0506 20:16:55.668644 72030] PlanFragment completed. instance_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000015

I0506 20:16:55.669879 72029] PlanFragment completed. instance_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac77680000001b

I0506 20:16:55.955592 64026] close(): query_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000000

I0506 20:16:55.955613 64026] UnregisterQuery(): query_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000000

I0506 20:16:55.955619 64026] Cancel(): query_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac776800000000



Cloudera Employee

CDH 5.11 and Impala 2.8 is pretty old. You should try the latest versions.


In the logs, there is one failed fragment instance and one timeout fragment instance.

  • The failed one is on host You should check impalad logs on it for more details.
  • The timeout one has instance_id=d6447c0a5ed591c4:47ac77680000001b. The first part (d6447c0a5ed591c4) is the same for this query. The last part (47ac77680000001b) is the id of the fragment instance. You can check previous logs to see where this instance is scheduled. Then check impalad logs of the scheduled host. Usually this might due to network saturation. Later Impala versions have more RPC improvements, e.g. KRPC.