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Implement GPFS with HDP version 2.5


My client intends to change the underlying HDFS files system with GPFS,I have searched the internet in vain for an implementation of HDP using GPFS.The only cases I have come across is when using HDInsights. I did a similar project in Germany but with HDP 2.5 but using Azure's WASB blobstore. Does anyone have a documentation on a successful implementation of HDP2.x with GPFS.



If we are talking about IBM GPS, IBM docs have a lot of info on IOP and GPFS. Since IOP is part of ODPi spec, HDP and IOP should be equivalent but you need to confirm with their docs at which point they became compliant, I think it was only recently. I don't see an equivalent IOP release to HDP 2.5 yet so can't say it will work. IOP 4.3 is not out yet and seems 4.2 is older, I want to say it is like our 2.4 release. In other words this is uncharted territory


@Artem Ervits

Thanks man I will soon walk in the murky waters and this time around I will really need support ,this BIG client wants to replace HDFS with GPFS and has a 2.5 cluster!


Perhaps you want to learn what is special about gpfs and convince the client hdfs is enough? 2.5 is a great release and we have some awesome things in the pipeline for 2017. Stick with HDP.

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