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Import HDPCA sandbox to Xenserver


Import HDPCA sandbox to Xenserver

New Contributor


I'm trying to import the HDPCA certification machine ( into my Xenserver, but I'm having no luck. I've tried several times with other tools (virt-2-v included) but the result was the same.

After much searching, I've found a way to "import" the VM through another method:

Following this guide, I've created a VM with the resources needed (100GB disk size and 10GB of RAM) and then I've copied the HDPCA VM disk content into the machine that I've created on my Xenserver:

#dd if=/root/vpn.lab.localdomain-disk1.img of=a50ce217-5c51-4f89-afe3-2c650a21c3b0 bs=4M

After this, I've tried to boot up the machine, but then the machine freezes on this message:

Restarting sandbox.... sandbox docker stop/waiting docker start/running, process 2909 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: [ 59.991179] aufs au_opts_parse:1155:docker[2909]: unknown option dirperm1 sandbox

Did anyone had any luck importing the VM to an hypervisor?

Thanks and best regards,

João Santos

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