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Import existing cluster into Cloudbreak

Hi all,

is there a way to import an existing cluster running on OpenStack into Cloudbreak for management?
Maybe if we use the official Cloudbreak OS Images for Cluster Deployment?

The ratio behind that question is that we are not able to configure all cluster paramaters as we want to (especially mixing different storage types within a VM to use HDFS data tiering) in the Cloudbreak cluster creation wizard. So we would deploy it manually (using Ansible) and then want to import it into Cloudbreak for management. Is there any way to make that possible?



Expert Contributor

Hi @Alexander Schätzle,

This is not possible. You could try to prepare a custom blueprint for your usecase and use that during cluster installation.

Hi @mmolnar,

a custom blueprint would not help in that case because the problem is the creation of the VMs for the cluster. We want to use a mix of different volumes attached to a VM (e.g. one volume based on SSD and one based on HDD) such that we can make use of HDFS data tiering. This seams to be impossible with Cloudbreak cluster creation. Cloudbreak will always use the same volume types within a VM.

Expert Contributor

Hi @Alexander Schätzle,

I think there is no supported way now for doing this. If you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can try to replace our heat template (in case of openstack) with your own to achieve a VM configuration you like: