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In Nifi replace text processor..I am reading a HQL File which has two parameters ${hivevar:location} and {hivevar:Database}. I want to replace them. can i replace two parameters at a time? when i am doing it one by one i am getting error.


@Gopi Kalapaneni,

You can replace 2 parameters at a time.

ex :

create database ${Database};
use ${Database};
create table abc(name string) location '${location}';

You can run it like hive --hivevar Database=dbname --hivevar location=/tmp -f filename.hql.


Please "Accept" if this helps . If this doesn't work please paste the error that you are facing.

Hi @Aditya Sirna i was referring to work it on Nifi.. sorry for confusion . i have edited the question

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