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In which path the log files of cloud era alerts are available?

New Contributor



Our requirement is to archive all the cloud era alerts. We are trying to get those alerts using log files.

We analysed the cloud era alerts mail received with the log file of Alertpublisher, but cannot find the alert details in those logs.


Please let us know the path of  the logs of cloud alerts that we receive through mail.




Expert Contributor

Alerts are regular events in Cloudera Manager just with a special flag. Events are stored in the Event Server internal index, there is no log file to access all previous alerts in text format.

The simplest way to archive what you want is to configure email alert delivery and archive the emails on your mail server. Alternatively send alerts to SNMP management system and store/archive it there.


A third option would be to use a Custom Alert Script where you can process (and then archive) the alerts in the way that is most convenient for you.