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Infrastructure creation failed. Reason: The security token included in the request is expired

New Contributor

I am getting this error when attempting to create a cluster for the 5min Spark walkthrough.

Any ideas anyone? This is all new to me.


Expert Contributor
@Jacob DeJong which cloudbreak version are you using?

New Contributor

I don't know,

How do I find out?

Expert Contributor

on the cloudbreak machine go to the folder where the profile file is located and please type 'cbd version'

@Jacob DeJong Were you able to create a cluster? Did you check the version? You can also try ssh-ing to the controller machine and get the logs with the command: "cbd logs cloudbreak"

@Jacob DeJong @rdoktorics

There was a related thread for HDCloud

One of the cases of this error appeared in HDCloud was when spot pricing was used and the request timed out after 1 hour or so the token would expire.

From what I remember, this error seems to be caused by a pretty broad range of reasons.

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