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Initiating HBase replication


dear all.


I'm trying to initiate replication.

My situation is same as below.


  1. Start replication.
  2. Add the destination cluster as a peer and immediately disable it using disable_peer.
  3. On the source cluster, take a snapshot of the table and export it. The snapshot command flushes the table from memory for you.
  4. On the destination cluster, import and restore the snapshot.
  5. Run enable_peer to re-enable the destination cluster.

Source cluster has 40TB of table and to export snapshot to target cluster it will take 15 hours.

Is the changes (wal or replication queue) for this 15 hours will not be deleted?


Master Guru
Yes, it is indicated in the same document:

Use the command disable_peer ("<peerID>") to disable replication for a specific peer. This will stop replication to the peer, but the logs will be kept for future reference.

Note: This log accumulation is a powerful side effect of the disable_peer command and can be used to your advantage. See Initiating Replication When Data Already Exists.
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