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Inner join Phoenix query out of memory ?



I execute an inner join on 2 tables of 10 Millions records each and i have an outofmemory issue.

The columns are both indexed.



Error: Encountered exception in sub plan [0] execution. (state=,code=0) java.sql.SQLException: Encountered exception in sub plan [0] execution. at org.apache.phoenix.execute.HashJoinPlan.iterator( at org.apache.phoenix.execute.HashJoinPlan.iterator( at org.apache.phoenix.execute.HashJoinPlan.iterator( at org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement$ at org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement$ at at org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement.executeQuery( at org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixStatement.execute( at sqlline.Commands.execute( at sqlline.Commands.sql( at sqlline.SqlLine.dispatch( at sqlline.SqlLine.begin( at sqlline.SqlLine.start( at sqlline.SqlLine.main( Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at java.util.Arrays.copyOf( at at at at at org.apache.phoenix.util.TupleUtil.write( at org.apache.phoenix.join.HashCacheClient.serialize( at org.apache.phoenix.join.HashCacheClient.addHashCache( at org.apache.phoenix.execute.HashJoinPlan$HashSubPlan.execute( at org.apache.phoenix.execute.HashJoinPlan$ at org.apache.phoenix.execute.HashJoinPlan$ at at org.apache.phoenix.job.JobManager$ at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at


Increase the maximum Java heap space in your client.

New Contributor

@Helmi KHALIFA I have the same problem,I don't know where can find this property "phoenix.query.maxServerCacheBytes".

New Contributor

@Josh Elser Can you pls. guide me, how and where to set the Java heap space on the client ?

I have windows machines where my app runs and the phoenix queries are trigger from these windows system. I see no logs on the server side, I believe, the query is failing on the client side itself.

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