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Insert Json Data Into snowflake.

New Contributor

Hi, People. I need to insert the json data which is listen by ListenHttp processor. As of now I am using ExtractText Processor to concat all the json key and value into one string and inserting to table and later doing parse json in snowflake table. But I want insert the Json string to table having two columns(ID, Column1), The issue i am facing is I am not able to insert the json string(concatenated) into a table have two columns. But I am able to insert to a table which has only one column(column1). But I want two columns in table with (ID, Column1) as it is easy to handle data. This is the INSERT statement i am using in putsql, INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE_SCHEMA.TEST4 (COLUMN1) values ('${JsonRecord}'), The is the flow i am using. Any suggestion will be appreciated