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Installation HDP manual - facing issues

I am trying to install HDP using manual guide

However, I am facing few issues which are listed below :

1) Few scripts are missing companion file ?

2) Q out of curiosity : I am just creating a single node cluster and want to run all services on single node. Shall I follow the same doc or some other.

3) Can anybody share a good link to install the HDP on single m/c.


@sanjeevan mahajan

The above link will work for single node install.

Don't install everything




Hive to start with

@Neeraj Sabharwal I will appreciate if you can also share any video link. Thanks

@sanjeevan mahajan

Do you mean demo ?

That's a really good idea. I will work on it

@Neeraj Sabharwal Yes I am talking about demo. Actually I am bit unclear from step 7 onwards

So if there is any demo that will help me a great deal .

@sanjeevan mahajan

I will work on demo. I suggest to use ambari.

It will make things easier and quick

Also, it reduces the probability of miss or human error

@Neeraj Sabharwal

I have tried that with Ambari install wizard. Actually I have booked the certification exam and wanted to do manual install and understand each command so just trying this way.

@sanjeevan mahajan

That's a very good idea.

I will let you know on demo.

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