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Installing HDF 3.2

Expert Contributor

Hi @Bryan Bende @Matt Clarke

I am currently running HDF 2.1.4 on a node as a cluster(256GB RAM) in production. We now have two more nodes to make three and want to install HDF 3.2. Would you please guide on how to make this work? I am only limited to 3 nodes...


Expert Contributor

Thanks @Isaac Arnault.

I checked the documentation. However since the document says NiFi, Storm and Kafka cannot co-exist in the same node and the example given was a 19-node cluster, I wanted to know how i can achieve this with a 3-node cluster.

General guidelines for production guidelines for service distribution:
NiFi, Storm, and Kafka should not be located on the same node or virtual machine.
NiFi, Storm, and Kafka must have a dedicated ZooKeeper cluster with at least three nodes.
If the HDF SAM is being used in an HDP cluster, the SAM should not be installed on the same node as the Storm 
worker node.


@Joshua Adeleke

You cannot 2 different versions of HDF in a cluster you have component incompatibilities like Knox,Kafka, Kerberos etc , the best solution would be to deploy the 2.1.4 version to the 2 new instances and upgrade to HDF 3.2 or simply upgrade the production to HDF 3.2 and then add the 2 new instances.

My best advice according to the Hortonworks support Matrix is to build a new 3.2 HDF cluster because of the incompatibilities with other HW products takes precedence the 2.1.4 is outdated and doesn't deliver some of the improvement leveraged in HDF 3.2.

The links above by @Isaac Arnault are good starting points !!

Hope that helps

Expert Contributor

thank you @Geoffrey Shelton Okot

I am trying to upgrade to HDF 3.2.

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