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Integrate certificate-secured nifi registry with oidc-secured nifi


I have a nifi cluster secured by oidc with azure ad, which is fully working.


I am trying to setup a nifi registry to enable flow versioning for the cluster.


However, since nifi registry does not support SSO with OIDC, I enabled certificate-based authentication.

But I ran into an issue that, after setting up nifi registry in nifi, I can't see any bucket I created in nifi registry.

According to the tutorial at, both nifi and nifi registry use certificate-based authentication.


So my question is: is it possible to setup integration between nifi and nifi registry using different authentication mechanisms?

Or both nifi and nifi registry must use the same authentication mechanism (e.g. both are LDAP or Kerberos-based since nifi registry does not support OIDC currently).

Thanks for the help.

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