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Internal IP for Cloudbreak UI (Azure)

New Contributor

What do I need to change to be able to access Cloudbreak Portal using its internal IP address? I used the Marketplace deployment from Azure and the output is a public address I want to remove this public IP address and only access the Portal from my VNET.

If I navigate to (internal IP address): 404 not found

If I navigate to CloudBreak Login Portal. If I insert username + password, the Dashboard is displayed with a link to the Cloudbreak UI (picture). Clicking this, I'm redirected to the external address again

Playing around config files, I noticed this external URL is configured. What do I need to change in this config files (and additional steps) to avoid this redirection and allow users?? I just want internal VNET access.



New Contributor

It seems that editing the Profile, replacing URL parameters and regenerating files did the trick. But I'd like to be sure there are no unintendend consequences later on, since I'll be disabling this Internet endpoint.

Rising Star

Hi @Henrique Silva,

You are right, the Profile file "PUBLIC_IP" and "CB_TRAEFIK_HOST_ADDRESS" variables need to be updated in the "/var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment" folder on the VM of the deployment.



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