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'InvokeHTTP' processor issue

'InvokeHTTP' processor issue

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Facing an issue with 'InvokeHTTP' NiFi processor.

Have configured below URL for GET operation -


When I run the processor some time it will get proper response from url.

But if I restart the processor, suddenly it will start telling 'URL not found' error and route the flow file to 'No Retry' relationship.

If I try to restart the processor 2-3 times then once it will start responding correctly.

Please suggest me to resolve the issue.

screen shots of config -




Re: 'InvokeHTTP' processor issue

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@Mahendra Hegde

Increase the below properties to at least 10,15 secs and try to run the processor again because as you have configured the processor with 3,5 secs now which is pretty low value for timeouts, there is a chance when you are making a call the client probably client is busy with handling other requests and if you are not able to connect to the client with in 3 secs then the request will be routed to NoRetry relation.

Connection Timeout10 secsMax wait time for connection to remote service.
Read Timeout15 secsMax wait time for response from remote service.

The flowfile will be transferred to NoRetry relationship when there are 1xx, 3xx, 4xx status codes as you can view the attributes in the flowfiles that routed to NoRetry relation you will have the status code and error that you are getting when the call made to the service.

RestApi Error codes:

1xx: InformationalCommunicates transfer protocol-level information.
2xx: SuccessIndicates that the client’s request was accepted successfully.
3xx: RedirectionIndicates that the client must take some additional action in order to complete their request.
4xx: Client ErrorThis category of error status codes points the finger at clients.
5xx: Server ErrorThe server takes responsibility for these error status codes.

Please refer to this link for more details about restapi error codes.

if you still having issues with the above configs and you are getting responses from invoke http processor after couple of retries then try to increase the values again ,try to make call again.

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