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Is CDP a SaaS application- Authentication for Published API's

New Contributor

Trying to figure out authentication using the published API's - semms like seperate authentication requirements depending on where the data is (azure or AWS). Seems like more of a platform as a service rather than a SaaS solution?


Cloudera Employee
Depending on where you look in CDP, you will see components that behave more or less like PaaS and SaaS. Fundamentally, CDP - Public Cloud is a service that runs in the customer's cloud account, so they retain control over their data, workloads, users, etc. Customer credentials are used for platform authentication and authorization to the Control Plane and various UIs; the platform itself brokers temporary credentials for public cloud operations. Exactly where the environment then happens to reside is irrelevant.
It would be helpful to understand what you are trying to achieve; your Cloudera partner manager will be happy to assist and direct you.

New Contributor
We have mutual customers requesting an integration with out software. We would retrieve the user roster and last login for users. We would compare this to separate integrations to customers HR software where we would identify employees that are no longer with the company but still logging in.
There are a couple other use cases we would be happy to discuss.
What we are struggling figuring out is the authentication methods required to build this integration and make it public facing for our mutual customers. We don't have a cloudera account manager but we could ask our mutual customer(s) for assistance.
It appeared that we would need 2 sperate Oauth clients, one for Azure and One for AWS?
Your assistance and response is greatly appreciated.

Cloudera Employee

Hi Flexera,


Thank you for reaching out! Through the Cloudera Connect program, we have the Technology Certification program. Please email to get started. 

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