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Is Horton Works 100 % Opensource ? Can i build the source code on my platform ?


I am of the understanding that Horton works HDP uses couple of open source components like Hadoop , Hive and many others

If i want to setup HDP on my own platform then i can basically get the individual source from

But i have the following questions.

1) Is the source code of HDP Manager that manges all opensource components , opensource?

2) If 1= yes than can i fetch and build that code were is it available.?

3) If HDP is 100% opensource do you have a single document which explains its Build and Install instructions?



@ketan kunde

1. Yes Hortonworks HDP or HDF is 100% open source but you can buy support from Hortonworks see the various options offered, HDP isThe GNU General Public Licence (GPL) compliant and strictly adheres to ASF license see Apache License 2.0

2. Hortonworks (HDP/HDF) uses Ambari software for provisioning, managing, and monitoring HDP/HDF clusters, its the equivalent to Cloudera manager and again Ambari is open source and here are link for the Build and Install instructions

3. HDP is a packaged hadoop components courtesy of Apache Software foundation whose deployment has been made easier with Ambari. You can download the sandbox or Ambari guided stack install, individual rpm's and documentation here or from the GitHub link you referenced above and try your luck but its advisable you to use Ambari's centralized management to ease your deployment and future upgrades.

Hope that helps

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