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Is it even possible to run spark 2 job from oozie java action hdp ?

Hi, I need to run spark job from oozie java action as regular java application with main class.

I can't use oozie spark or shell actino for many reasons.

I've built jar with spark-yarn 2.2 hdp dependecy. I can easilly run it using spark-submit.

I try to run same jar using same main class as oozie java action and get exception:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Library directory '/hadoop/yarn/local/usercache/root/appcache/application_1521375636129_0022/container_e06_1521375636129_0022_01_000002/assembly/target/scala-2.11/jars' does not exist; make sure Spark is built.
	at org.apache.spark.launcher.CommandBuilderUtils.checkState(
	at org.apache.spark.launcher.CommandBuilderUtils.findJarsDir(
	at org.apache.spark.launcher.YarnCommandBuilderUtils$.findJarsDir(YarnCommandBuilderUtils.scala:38)

I took a look at the source code, there are some weird checks.... What is the right way to disable them?


Expert Contributor

Hi @Sergey Sheypak You may require hotfix on HDP with OOZIE-2606 OOZIE-2658 OOZIE-2787 OOZIE-2802.

Please open a support case.