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Is it necessary to create a database ranger?


I'm trying to configure database instance for Ranger. In my case, I've chosen MySQL. I'm following the steps mentioned in the following link:

This link does not mention to create a database named ranger. In others links it's mentioned to create it as indicated in the following link:

So, should i create a database named ranger? Or, it's automatically created?


Hi @raouia

As you can see in the documentation, the following command gives global privileges to the ranger user (rangerdba) :

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'rangerdba'@'%';

With these privileges, this user will be able to create Ranger DB and all required tables/data.

I hope this helps.


Does this answered your question? did you successfully install in Ranger installation?

You can create the database yourself or let ranger install scripts to create it for you - in that case you need to provide right privileges to the admin user as mentioned in the docs.

Name does not have to "ranger", you can configure it as per your env.