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Is it possible for a partner to open a support case?

New Contributor

I tried to open a support case and get a permission error? As a partner developing and testing a stack service that is installed by and run in CDH, I feel I should be able to raise new cases when we think the problem may be within the CDH infrastructure.


Cloudera Employee

Hi Tim,


Thank you for reaching out to Cloudera Support. Based on your user's registration in our support system, and the account of which you're part, I agree that raising a support case for issues with CDH is a valid request.


Having said that, at this time, the account of which you're part has a restriction to not allow every user, by default, the ability to file support cases. To enable the access you're requesting, we would ask that you have a colleague/manager who presently has case access file a non-technical support case (using the instructions here: noting that you are approved to file cases too. The team who handles those requests will then make the necessary changes to your account and your access will then be enabled.


If you have any questions or concerns please message me privately and I'll be happy to help. Thank you.




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