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Is it possible to deploy multiple timeline servers within a HDP 2.6.2 cluster?

New Contributor

I am trying to complete the installation of HCP 1.3.0 on an existing Ambari-managed cluster. I am using Ambari and HDP, and one host within the cluster is running the Timeline server component.

The following documentation indicates that I need multiple slave nodes running the Timeline server:

However, I do not see any options within Ambari for deploying additional Timeline server components. Is it actually possible to deploy multiple instances of the Timeline server?



Hi @Evan Tattam

I don't think multiple YARN ATS are currently supported by the Apache Yarn project just yet, it is likely a roadmap feature.

I would assume it is a documentation issue for now and proceed with the remainder of the components. I'll follow up internally.


The docs are indeed being updated, thanks!

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