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Is it possible to disable auto schema registration in Kafka Avro Serializer?

New Contributor

Is it configurable to directly publish into Kafka using only predefined schema? Currently if I run a producer which using hortonwork's schema-registry-serdes, the schema is automatically generated (if it doesn't exist) or new schema's version is created(if it exists). Is there an option to change this behavior?


Rising Star


I have the same question is there possible to disable automatic schema creation like it is in Confluent where you can disable that option.

The problem is that we do not want producer can overwrite previous schema.


Margus Roo


I am facing the same issue, I know, if I can set 


then it may works as expected. 
But I can not find where this parameter puts on schema registry configuration in Cloudera 7.1.3.
Do you advise me on how can I fix it?