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Is it possible to disable auto schema registration in schema registry (Cloudera 7.1.3)



In Cloudera 7.1.3  schema-registry Service, the schema is automatically generated (if it doesn't exist) or a new schema's version is created (if it exists). So that I want to disable auto-generated schema.

I thought if I can set 


then it may works as expected. 
But I can not find where this parameter puts on schema registry configuration in Cloudera 7.1.3.
Do you advise me on how can I fix it?


Super Guru

I only see that configuration parameter in a non-Cloudera schema registry


Thanks for your response,
Those configuration is working on confluent schema registry, but I can't do it on Cloudera(7.1.3) schema registry. 

I am getting this log when my Kafka producer run: 


from my schema registry, I want to make it false.

auto.register.schema = false

Thanks again.

Super Guru

Cloudera Schema Registry is not the same as Confluent Schema Registry they have some differences and that seems to be one.


The Cloudera one will be connected to the Hive, Spark and Flink metastores and will eliminate the need for such things.


Cloudera's SR does not register schemas automatically at this time.