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Is it possible to replicate Hbase data to a different cluster (and vice versa) ?



I want to know if we can enable replication in Hbase such that the Hbase data in Cluster A is replicated to Cluster B. And the Hbase data of Cluster B is replicated to Cluster A. In short, "cross cluster replication".

I want this feature for all the existing tables present in Hbase (both Cluster A and Cluster B). It should be active replication. For instance, any column family is added or populated or new table is created in Hbase, it should immediately replicate the same to to a different cluster.

Security: None! the 2 clusters are plain, vanilla cluster.

Can this be configured in Ambari? If yes, kindly guide me.

Your valuable inputs will be highly appreciated.


Shesh Kumar


Super Collaborator

Hi @Shesh Kumar,

I don't think you can configure this via Ambari (but not sure anyway). What you could do is either write a replication in Hbase or simply configure both as one cluster making them rack aware to ensure the data is replicated in both racks (with different locations).


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