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Is it possible to use Cloudera Manager post license expiry?

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Our license is getting expired on Jan 1st, 2022. Will it be possible to use Cloudera Manager to remove Cluster and Parcels post this date? 


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i think thats imposible, because when your license expired, you will redirect to the license page when you go to the cloudera managers.

i think you can manually delete the parcels and or the simply way to remove the whole cluster is re-install the OS in the clusters post the license is expiry.

Hi @Aryan007 

You didn't indicate what version of Cloudera Manager you are talking about or what distribution of Cloudera software you're using it with. But here is the relevant text from the documentation for Cloudera Enterprise 6.3.x:

Cloudera Enterprise - All services will continue to run as-is. The Cloudera Manager Admin Console will be disabled, meaning that you will not be able to view or modify clusters. Key Trustee KMS and the Key Trustee server will continue to function on the cluster, but you cannot change any configurations or add any services. On license expiration, the only action you can take in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console is to upload a new, valid license.

Emphasis added.

I would recommend reaching out to your Cloudera Account representative to discuss your options prior to making assumptions about what you will be able to do with Cloudera Manager following letting your subscription lapse.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Cloudera to Databricks migration is happening for us. Since there is a code freeze in Dec-Jan we cannot uninstall Cloudera during this time. Migration project is not yet in production. Our Cloudera infrastructure is in Azure. In case if we cannot access Cloudera Manager after Jan 1st how about deleting the Azure Resource Group for Cloudera? This will delete everything related to Cloudera right? Or is there any option like we go to each node and delete data,agent,server?

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