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Is it possible to use jceks file with Sqoop Export command?

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Hi. I have a problem with exporting Hive table to Oracle database. I wanna encrypt and hide password using jceks. I read great article about using jceks while importing data using Sqoop: Storing Protected Passwords in Sqoop

It works great when I import data from Oracle to Hive. But the problem is that when I try to export data from Hive to Oracle I get an error:

Unable to process alias

My Sqoop command which I try to run:

sqoop export \ \
--connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@ \
--table hive_temp_table_orc \
--username orc_user \
--password-alias oracle.password \
--hcatalog-database default \
--hcatalog-table hive_temp_table  \
--hive-partition-key col1 \
--hive-partition-value 2011-01-01

My question is - is that possible to use jceks and --password-alias parameter with Sqoop export command? Or is it an option only when I importing data?


Hi @Mateusz Grabowski!
Could you enable the DEBUG on logs?
I'm looking for a specific error msg

Not sure if you'll be able to do this with sqoop export, i didn't saw anything about credentials+password-alias to export mode on the documentation, but let's investigate it further 🙂

Hope this helps

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Check name of alias

hadoop credential list -provider jceks://hdfs/user/hdfs/pass-enc.jceks

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