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Is the 100 node limit applicable to CDH 6.0 on cloudera express ?

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I  am using  CM and CDH 5.10.2 with 100+ nodes and we intend to upgrade to 6.0 express.

As per the documentation here,

it is mentioned that with Express versions, CM will not allow you to upgrade to any CDH 6.x version if the number of nodes are greater than 100.

But it is also mentioned that if any upgrade to CM 6.1 fails (with express option)  then we need to downgrade the CM to 6.0 and then remove some nodes to make the nodes limit to be less than 100.

Also as per this doc , the affected versions of this 100 node limit is from CM 6.1 and higher.


Is it that, CM 6.0 and CDH 6.0.x versions of the express support  100+ nodes in the cluster?


Can we have have express versions of CM 6.0 and CDH 6.0 and have more than 100+ nodes and use all the Cluster Management functionality using CM like service restarts, config deployment, etc.

Any clarification on this 100+ nodes limit w.r.t CM and CDH 6 express versions would be appreciated.


Here are the Cloudera links,



Hello @netapp1 ,


thank you for your deep dive into the CDH6.x clusters CM Express version's 100 nodes limitation.


The intent from Cloudera is to limit Cloudera Express 6.x usage to 100 nodes. The implementation on how it was enforced from a User Experience point of view is different between minor versions (e.g. 6.0. vs 6.1. vs 6.2.). It means that earlier versions might let you install the agents across the nodes and once the installation completes it's blocks most of the functionalities until you decrease the number of nodes to 100.


We recognised that it would be best to block installation until the nodes are not exceeding 100 nodes and in later version it's been gradually improved.


Hence the discrepancy between the descriptions in the documentation.


In short: 100 node limitation is enforced across Cloudera Express 6.x versions.


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Thank you:

Ferenc Erdelyi, Technical Solutions Manager

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