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Is the sandbox installation same as pseudo-distributed installation?


I installed Hortonworks sandbox with HDP 2.4 on Windows 7 machine with 4 cores and 24GB memory. The sandbox is configured to have 4 processors and 12GB base memory. Is it pseudo distributed mode? Then, can each processor can have their names (like n1, n2, n3, and n4) and they can work as four-node cluster?


@ilhyung cho

The sandbox is running in pseudo distributed mode, which means all of the processes for a cluster are running on a single machine. There is no concept of multiple nodes in your cluster; there is just a single node.

With enough resources on your machine, you could run 4 VMs and install HDP as a 4-node cluster. If you wanted to allocate a specific number of CPUs to your nodes, using VirtualBox or VMWare would be the way to accomplish that.


Thanks for your quick reply.

You said: "all of the processes for a cluster are running on a single machine." In a single machine, but may be in different cores?

If I install 4 VMs on a Windows 7 machine with 4 cores, each VM will be guaranteed to run on its own core? Well, I am a newbie, and I'll probably stick to the sandbox for a while, but just curious.

Thanks again.