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Is there a way for admin to delete notebooks which are owned by users in zeppelin ?


This is needed because, if a user leaves the company then we should clean up the zeppelin.


@Bhavin Tandel

If you cannot directly remove it from Zeppelin UI, you can delete it from the zeppelin node. To do that:

- open up the notebook from zeppelin UI - in the URL the last bit is the folder name. Usually looks like e.g. 2CG68RV7V

- now, go to zeppelin cli

- cd /usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/notebook

- rm -rf 2CG68RV7V

- restart zeppelin service


Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the response, however this is possible only if we can see the notebook but if the user has restricted reader then we will not be able to see the notebook on our UI. For example:


So no other user will be able to see the notebook.

P.S. This might be only in zeppelin 0.7

Hi @Bhavin Tandel

Yes, you are right. Please, raise a case for it and I will handle it.

Expert Contributor

was there a case raised for this issue ?

I am in the same situation and I need help with this.



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