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Is there a way to assign floating ip’s of our choice to the servers. It is assigning IP from the pool which doesn’t have internet connectivity . We have few IP’s those have and want to assign them.

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Kindly accept my answer if it fulfill your query.

Ambari Server depends on the FQDN of the hosts (Setting IP Addresses are not good idea). Most of the configurations requires that we pass either address (listen to all available network interfaces) OR listen to FQDN (hostname -f).

So if your configurations should be having mostly the FQDNs (like "zookeeper.connect" , "listeners" ...etc) should be using the FQDN then changing the IP Address will not have any effect. Only you will need to make the required DNS mapping changes or the "/etc/hosts" file changes.

So you can stop the services that that gets affected due to IP Address change and then make the IP Address change (either at DNS level OR in the "/etc/hosts" file) and then restart the services. (Assuming that you have not hardcoded any IP Address in the kafka or other component configurations).

Also we will need to restart the ambari agents on those hosts.