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Is there a way to automatically add missing hive tables to apache atlas ?

New Contributor


I am using atlas for lineage and data governance and all integrations with hive,spark and sqoop are up and running. But I want to know if there is a way to automate the process of adding all the missing tables to atlas at the end of every day in order to make sure that no data is missing.


I wrote a script that gets the list of all tables from hive metastore and got the list of missing table from atlas by hitting its api.

The plan was to call ""(Inbuilt hive bridge of atlas) over the missing tables but the script gets stuck at an intermediate phase asking for input of username and i am unable to automate it.


I even tried things like these and nothing worked.

printf "admin\nadmin" | sh --database dummydb --table final


can someone help me with this?



My first question would be are your Hive tables missing from both Basic and DSL search?


Also, Atlas should automatically fetch tables created in Hive, if that isn't happening you should find out why. This article can help you troubleshoot:

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