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Is there a way to encrypt a DateOfBirth coulmn in Hive ?



Yes, you can achieve this with dynamic resource-based column masking in Hive with Ranger Policies.

"You can use Apache Ranger dynamic resource-based column masking capabilities to protect sensitive data in Hive in near real-time. You can set policies that mask or anonymize sensitive data columns (such as PII, PCI, and PHI) dynamically from Hive query output. For example, you can mask sensitive data within a column to show only the first or last four characters."

See more here;

Thanks for the reply Jonathan.

I have a requirement where I have to totally change the date using some functions like voltage encryption in SQL server not the same but may be similar.
I should basically produce some real dates like below

Original Encrypted
1991-07-04 1896-05-03

1924-08-29 1916-09-11

Encrypted date can be any date but wanted in the same format as above. Any idea on this appreciated,
Thanks for your time