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Is there a way to free up space on resource manager?


I need to liberate space on my resource manager because it is saturated. So, how can i remove application logs as mentioned in "applications.png" from it? I have 162 entries through http://$AMBARI_SERVER_HOST:8088.

My second question is: Where these application logs are stored? in the App time line server? Can i remove them from the machine ?

Could anyone help me to fix this issue?



Have a look at this link. It contains easier log management through which you will be able to clear the logs from time to time.

The container logs should be under yarn.nodemanager.log-dirs:

Where to store container logs. An application's localized log directory will be found in ${yarn.nodemanager.log-dirs}/application_${appid}. Individual containers' log directories will be below this, in directories named container_{$contid}. Each container directory will contain the files stderr, stdin, and syslog generated by that container.

Hope it helps!

@Bala Vignesh N V

Thank you for your reply.

My issue is to free up space on my resource manager.So, i thought that application logs are located on my resource manager and if i remove them I'll get more free space.

When i access to yarn.nodemanger.log-dirs on my nodes manager, i got one application with status Running which corresponds to my Thrift JDBC/ODBC Server.I didn't find the others applications with status FINISHED and FAILED.

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