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Is there a way to monitor disk IO? (diskstat)


Is there a way to monitor disk IO? (diskstat)

New Contributor

Something compariable to



metrics in ganglia?

It would be nice to view this in ambari-metrics


Re: Is there a way to monitor disk IO? (diskstat)

Super Mentor

@Leonardo Apolonio

Ambari Metrics collector allows the user to send metrics to it in a particular format as described in the :

So you can write a custom script on every host to run regularly and provide the JSON like this:


    "metrics": [{
          "metricname": "test.diskstat_Metric",
          "appid": "testdiskstate",
          "hostname": "",
          "timestamp": 1520720082573,
          "starttime": 1520720082000,
          "metrics": {
            "1520720082573": 315

Here you will need your custom script to produce the above kind of JSON format data and then post it to Abari Metrics Collector using http POST method.

Please review the following blog for similar implementation: AMSSMOKETESTFAKE


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