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Is there a way to try SmartSense without registering in support?

I do not have support contract now and like to try SmartSense.

How can I do this?

SmartSense server is not starting without Customer account name and SmartSense ID.


@Leonid Fedotov

you need to have support account for installing SmartSence.

So, it is not possible to test drive it?

Does this mean that SmartSense verifying ID with Hortonworks back end during the start? WHat is my cluster does not have access to internet and can not communicate to Hortonworks? How can I use it in such case?

@Leonid Fedotov

You have the option to attach bundles directly to support tickets. You can also send a bundle via email. In any case, SmartSense is part of our support subscription and requires a unique customer id.

Yes, but how can I start it if I do not have ID? It is a mandatry parameter...

Cloudera Employee

SmartSense ID is mandatory for starting SmartSense service.

This can be created on Hortonworks Support portal under Tools tab if you have an account.